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We're excited to introduce our new craft beer selection, exclusively at the Pembina & Stafford location. For take out, beer must be paired with a food item. For something light, pair your craft beer with our fries and gravy. If you have a hefty appetite, may we recommend the Big Earl Nip! Now, check out our craft beer menu! You're going to be amazed by the selection!


The world's largest selection of manitoba craft beer
Manitoba craft beer from Barn Hammer Brewing Company, Bee Boyzz Honey & Meadery, Black Wheat Brewing, Brasserie La Shoppe, Brazen Hall Kitchen & Brewery, and Devil May Care Brewery Company
Manitoba craft beer from Farmery Estate Brewery, Fort Garry Brewing, Grain to Glass Inc, Half Pints Brewing Company, and Kilter Brewing Company
Manitoba craft beer from Little Brown Jug Brewing Company, Low Life Barrel House, Nonsuch Brewing Company, One Great City Brewing Company, Oxus Brewing Company, Rendezvous Brewery and Taproom
Manitoba craft beer from Sookram’s Brewing Company, Stone Angel Brewing Company, Torque Brewing, Two Wolves Brewing, Trans Canada Brewing Company, Vessel Beer, and Winnipeg Brew Works
Wine list from around the world
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Andrew Li

I had no idea Sals was doing beers to begin with, let alone a selection like this! Good job guys!


Dana LeBlanc

Love that they're supporting local Manitoban Breweries. Big or small, Sals supports them all!


Daniel Yuselevic

I stumbled across the beer menu recently when out for brunch with my girlfriend.