Happening & Hot at Salisbury House

For over 90 years, Salisbury House Family Restaurants has provided Winnipeggers and Manitobans with local great tasting food that tastes like it was made at home in the kitchen.


Being in the community for so long, Sals decided to give back to those in need. Pay it Forward with Sals was started in July of 2020, and has raised over $130,000 for local charities.

Three deluxe Nip burgers

Burger Week has become a yearly event in Winnipeg that brings new people to restaurants wanting to try that limited time only burger. Want to see a special Nip in the next Le Burger Week 2022? Contact us and let us know what you'd like to try on a Nip!​

Our Grand Gourmet platter is actually a previous Le Burger Week winner that people loved so much, we added it as a regular item on our menu. Who knows what this years Burger Week will bring?

Salisbury House, Pembina Hwy location

Rejoice craft beer Winnipeg enthusiasts! Sals at Pembina & Stafford offers the largest selection of Manitoba craft beer in the world. With over 100+ choices, we're confident you'll find a brew to pair with your delicious Nip. Available for dine-in or take-out with the purchase of food. Some of the brewers include Devil May Care, Farmery, Sookram's, Stone Angel, and many more.

Cake lovers, we have what you're looking for! You may have heard that Sals offers some of the best red velvet cake there is. Did you know we offer the ability to place an online cake order Winnipeg? It's as easy as clicking on the link, and selecting the size you're wanting! We offer an 80 piece red velvet cake that can be customized as well by filling out the section on the cake order form. Then select the date and location you'd like to pick up your delicious cake at, and you're all set!