Sals Menu and Locations

For over 90 years, Salisbury House Family Restaurants has provided Winnipeggers and Manitobans with local great tasting food that tastes like it was made at home in the kitchen. One of the old restaurants in Winnipeg, it's long been a favourite of locals and tourists alike. We'd love to have you in for a delicious local meal!

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Original salisbury house restaurant

Winnipeg seniors are our number one customer, and many of them have been coming to Salisbury House for 30+ years. Enjoying the same great taste they grew up eating with family and friends. Our 55 restaurant menu gives you the same great taste, with reduced serving sizes so you aren't forcing yourself to finish that delicious plate of food.

Salisbury House Family Restaurants are a local chain of old restaurants in Winnipeg that anyone can spot by looking for the iconic red roof. Stop by one one of our restaurants open in Winnipeg, and enjoy locally sourced Winnipeg eats while you catch up with friends or family. We'd love to see you at our Pembina restaurant!