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Winnipeg’s Favourite Breakfast Restaurant is Answering 5 Common Breakfast Questions

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Salisbury House serving a customer breakfast at their favourite breakfast restaurant

When Winnipeggers are craving freshly made pancakes at 8:45 pm on a Wednesday, they know to visit Salisbury House.

Sals is one of the only restaurants in Winnipeg that are open late and offers an all-day breakfast menu. With eight locations across Winnipeg, there is always a breakfast restaurant nearby and open.

With over 20 breakfast items, nine different loose-leaf tea flavours, and bottomless coffee, it’s safe to say we’re breakfast lovers.

Over the years, there have been a lot of misconceptions about breakfast foods; with the big question being “Is breakfast the most important meal?”.

We’re going to break down that answer, but let's keep the most important point in mind throughout this blog… Breakfast. Is. Delicious.

Whether breakfast adds or takes away from your weight loss journey, if it’s the source of your energy, or if we should only consume overnight oats for the rest of our lives, let's just remember…

Fresh, hot pancakes with thick maple syrup, bring an unprecedented amount of joy to our lives and thats what really matters.

Now, that we can all agree on that, let’s get into common questions about breakfast.

1. Does eating breakfast help you lose weight?

The answer to this question changes hugely depending on who you ask. It seems like every foodie influencer, weight-loss coach, doctor-wanna be, and intermittent fasting guru has strong opinions on how breakfast affects weight loss.

Research and studies are no different; there are a lot of contradicting results.

According to The National Weight Control Registry, 78% of their enrolled clients who have lost weight eat breakfast every day.

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition did a small study on skipping breakfast; their results showed people burning more calories, but the possibility of inflammation was higher.

Measuring the effectiveness of skipping breakfast is difficult because the control group varies greatly: is everyone working out daily, who has what dietary restrictions, what genetics are at play, etc.

Currently, the most accurate answer is… Focus on what you’re eating and what your body is telling you.

Ultimately, diet is heavily influenced by your specific genetics and lifestyle. What works for one person may not work for another.

Although, skipping a meal when you’re hungry can cause further cravings. If your willpower isn't made out of steel, there is a good chance you’ll choose a high-calorie, quick option rather than a nutritiously-rich meal.

So, if you’re hungry, grab a bite!

Salisbury House's Hearty Breakfast Supreme on a Plate, which includes 2 susages/ham, 3 Manitoba eggs, 2 strips of bacon and hashbrowns

2. What was the first breakfast cereal?

The first breakfast cereal was created in 1863 and it wasn't an immediate success.

Good ol’ Granula (not granola) was introduced as the first cereal option by James Caleb Jackson.

A New Yorker who earned their medical degree at the age of 40.

James was powered by his passion to help the sick and educate people on the importance of whole foods. He didn’t recommend meat, processed white flour, alcohol, tobacco, or caffeine.

His cereal didn't have rave reviews. It had to be soaked in milk overnight or at a minimum of twenty minutes. It was hard to chew and I think it’s safe to assume the flavour doesn't compare to Sal’s breakfast skillets.

Luckily, John Harvey Kellogg caught onto the cereal business and made his own ‘Granula’, later rebranding to Granola. Thus, the Kellogg empire began.

A bowl of Kelloggs rice Krispies cereal on a kitchen counter for breakfast

3. What's the most popular breakfast food in the world?

You might think it’s eggs, and it totally is eggs if you’re in America or Canada.

Although, if you’re walking the streets of the Philippines in search of a breakfast restaurant, you are not going to find eggs listed as their best seller.

Instead, the server will offer you Arroz Caldo, a thick rice porridge that is usually cooked in a ginger-infused broth.

In Bulgaria, it’s “Mish-mash” which is basically a skillet. Typically it includes eggs (shocker), vegetables, and spices.

It’s a little hard to measure 1 meal or food item per the whole world. If you’re a foodie, specifically, a breakfast foodie–check out this list of the 100 most popular breakfasts in the world.

You’ll always know what to order at a breakfast restaurant no matter where you are.

A coffee and breakfast dainty on a blue plate and wooden table at a breakfast restaurant

4. When does breakfast end at McDonald's?

We’re slightly offended that this is such a common question. We’re all human at Salisbury House, we know the McGriddle is a holy invention, but we’re still slightly offended they’re the go-to breakfast spot.

Well, it’s not crystal clear what time their breakfast ends at. They offer select breakfast items all day, but the majority of their breakfast menu stops at 11 am. This varies per location.

You know what’s easier? Supporting a local breakfast restaurant that offers freshly made meals.

Salisbury House has 8 restaurant locations across Winnipeg that offer a full menu of all-day breakfast items.

Why have an Egg McMuffin when you can have a Bacon Bacon Benedict instead?

Salisbury House's Bacon Bacon Breakfast; eggs and bacon on a toast english muffin with cubed hashbrowns on a plate

5. Is breakfast the most important meal?

We are breakfast connoisseurs, not medical professionals, so take this answer with a grain of salt.

Eating in the morning is important because your body needs fuel for the day. What you’re eating is more important; high fibre and nutritious food.

People also have to consider their underlying health issues. Skipping breakfast can disrupt the circadian rhythms, as this one research study showed.

Let's also keep in mind, that there are no rules on what breakfast is vs lunch or dinner.

Some people consider a fruit salad to be a morning meal and some consider it lunch or a healthy snack.

If someone wakes up at 2pm and eats an omlette, is it breakfast or lunch?

All in all, the labels aren’t important, the quality of food and lifestyle are.

Eggs Benedict breakfast on a blue plate with a waffles breakfast on a blue plate

Breakfast Restaurant vs Home-Cooked Meal

When you’re at an amazing restaurant, meals always taste home-cooked.

Our pancake mix is made daily at our Sals Market, we only use Manitoban eggs, our tea is always premium, and our rule is freshly baked bread only.

If your next breakfast craving happens in Winnipeg, be sure to try our Heartly Breakfast Supreme. Tag us on Instagram to get a shout-out!

Also, we’d love to hear what your go-to breakfast restaurant is, no matter where in the world, let us know in the comments!

Salisbury House waiter and waitress holding breakfast menu items in their hands

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