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The Salisbury House restaurant chain has been serving quality food for 89 years in Manitoba (Canada). Known locally as “Sals”, the chain is considered an iconic Winnipeg institution. The first Salisbury House restaurant opened in downtown Winnipeg in 1931 by founder Ralph Erwin, who named his new eatery after the Salisbury Steak. Erwin was not fond of the term “hamburger” so he named his now famous burger a “Nip” making reference to a small “nip” or “bite” of Salisbury Steak.


In 1979, Erwin sold his majority interest in the chain to a group of investors.  In 2001, a group of local businessmen brought the ownership of Salisbury House back to Winnipeg from the previous Montreal based owners. This group included majority shareholders Earl and Cheryl Barish. In 2006, Earl became President and CEO of Salisbury House of Canada Ltd. The balance of ownership consisted of local businessmen and professionals; including Winnipeg native Burton Cummings, the lead singer of the world famous rock group The Guess Who. Currently, Salisbury House is owned by a group from Manitoba after a purchase in 2017.

Currently there are 9 FULL SERVICE Family Restaurant locations, and 3 Sals Xpress Restaurants. Sals also operates 2 seasonal locations.

Currently there are approximately 500 people within the Sals Family enjoying a wide array of careers in food preparation and service, restaurant management, and warehouse logistics to name a few. Many have been with our company for 20, 30 and 40+ years!

Salisbury House is famous for its Nips, it's vast All Day Breakfast menu, classic desserts such as the one of a kind Wafer Pie, Classic Red Velvet Cake, loose leaf teas, and of course Salisbury House brand, freshly brewed coffee.


Recently, the new menu was introduced at all Family Restaurants! All of our time tested classic recipes and traditional favourites are still available along with many new and exciting breakfast, lunch, and dinner choices.

Salsibury Hose Locally Farmed Fresh
Salisbury House All Day Breakfast
Salisbury House Desserts





All of our wonderful tastes begin in our unique market. Virtually all of our recipes are created and perfected in this centralized kitchen before they make it to our menu. For the ultimate in FRESHNESS, all of the ingredients and ready-to-serve products are delivered daily to all Salisbury House and Sals Xpress locations. This process allows us to guarantee your meal is FRESH, consistent, and of the highest quality.

This also means your favourite Salisbury creations are available for "take home" from our SALS MARKET located at the 1800 King Edward St.

Nip and Winni Buns, Breads, Famous Soups, Quiche, Coleslaw, Pancake Batter, Syrups and Gravies, Salad Dressings and Classic Baked Goods like Red Velvet and Carrot Cake, Wafer Pie, Donuts, and so much more are available at our Market.


While much has changed over our 88 year history, one thing has stayed the same.  Our commitment; we remain completely dedicated to ensuring a quality experience for our guests. With every visit, you are treated to our "YES WE CAN" philosophy. 


We have spent more than 8 decades of perfecting our unique style and recipes.

In fact, many of our best recipes have become legendary for their quality and unique flavour. Look for the crest to know it's a true Classic!

If you have a special request, substitution, or change of an item, we will do our very best to accommodate you. Our team is committed to making each and every visit to Salisbury House an exceptional one.

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