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Female and Male Salisbury House Servers

Join Us for All-Day Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner!

Ace Burpee Talking About Sals

"The Cheese Nip ... top 5 all time favourite things in the world!"

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Why does Ace Burpee love Sals? Press play and hear.


When it comes to FRESH Beef, we take it seriously and have for over 90 years! We purchase only Manitoba Beef, which means less travel, more humane, farm to table FRESHness. We craft all of our patties FRESH, every day, in our commissary kitchen, to guarantee our beef is never frozen, seasoned perfectly and portioned just right! Salisbury House and the Nip are proudly Manitoban, and only FRESH Manitoba Beef will do for you!

Our eggs are the cornerstone of all of our breakfasts, from our classic breakfast nips to our delicious skillets and omelettes and everything in-between. This is why we only source eggs from Manitoba farms that follow a rigorous screening and cleaning process, ensuring we use only Grade A FRESH Manitoba eggs.


At Salisbury House, we are proud to partner with Manitoba farms that share this same commitment.


Farm to table FRESHNESS is our priority for you!

At Salisbury House, we work hard to deliver the FRESHest produce to all of our restaurants, every day, with many of our produce items being grown right here in Manitoba.


Whether you are looking for a delicious bowl of fruit to complete your favourite Sals platter or desire that perfect crunch of iceberg lettuce when you bite into a Mr Big Nip, or one of our super salads, you can be proud to know it is our priority to source only the finest produce Manitoba offers.

Every day at 5am in our commissary bakery, our highly skilled bakers mix natural ingredients like flour, milk and real butter to create all the quality baked goods made with no preservatives you enjoy at Salisbury House.


Our classic recipes, perfected over decades, call for only FRESH ingredients ensuring that all of our products including our buns and bread, pancakes and quiche, Classic Red Velvet, Giant Cinnamon Buns,  and Wafer Pie have a delicious, FRESH, homemade taste, just like they always have.


This commitment is clear with every bite. Only the best for you!

The Salisbury House restaurant chain has been serving quality food for over 90 years in Manitoba Canada. Known locally as Sals, the chain is considered an iconic Winnipeg institution. The first Salisbury house restaurant opened in downtown Winnipeg in 1931 by founder Ralph Erwin, who named his new eatery after the Salisbury Steak. Erwin was not fond of the term hamburger so he named his now famous burger a Nip making reference to a small nip or bite of Salisbury Steak.

In 1979, Erwin sold his majority interest in the company to a group of local business owners, who brought the ownership of Salisbury House back to Winnipeg, from the previous Montreal based owners. This group included majority shareholders, Earl and Cheryl Barish. In 2006, Mr. Barish became President and CEO of Salisbury House of Canada Ltd. Currently, he serves as Chair of The Board. The balance of ownership comprised local business owners

Currently, there are 8 FULL SERVICE Family Restaurant locations, and the Sals Market. Sals also operates in two golf courses, runs a car hop, offers full catering services, cake decorating, private event hosting, and more!

Salisbury House Classic Recipe


ThreeBlueberryPancakes-min (1).png


Red Velvet Square-min (1).png
Cheese Nip Platter - Cropped-min (1).png



All Sals Classics, old and new, are created and perfected in our commissary kitchen. They are tested, tasted and perfected before landing on our menu for you to enjoy.

For the ultimate in FRESHNESS, all the ingredients and ready-to-serve products are prepared and delivered daily to your favourite Sals!

This process allows us to guarantee your meal is FRESH, consistent, and of the highest quality.

This also means your favourite Salisbury House creations are available for take home or delivery from our Sals Market, located right next door at 1800 King Edward St! Grab heat & eat family meals, nip and winni buns, breads, famous soups, coleslaw, pancake batter, syrups and sauces, salad dressings and Classic baked goods like red velvet and carrot cake, wafer pie, donuts, cinnamon buns and so much more.

We also offer a unique on-site car hop experience!

Check out our Market website!


For over 90 years, Salisbury House has remained committed to ensuring a quality experience and tremendous value for our guests.

With every visit, you are treated to our “YES WE CAN” philosophy. 

We have spent over 9 decades perfecting our unique style and recipes.

In fact, many of our best recipes have become legendary for their quality and unique flavour. Look for the 'Classic' to know it’s a true Classic! If you have a special request or substitution for a Sals menu item, we will do our very best to accommodate you. Our team is committed to making every visit you make to Salisbury House an exceptional one.

Thank you for choosing Sals!

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