The House with the “Little Red Roof” was the vision of Mr. Ralph Erwin, who was an American actor in a traveling road company that visited Winnipeg, Manitoba. Erwin recognized the need for a place where people could get good food in a friendly, pleasant, atmosphere at any time of the day or night.

Since opening the first site in 1931 on Fort Street in Winnipeg with $135.00, which he borrowed from friends in Nebraska, Erwin’s original Salisbury House has certainly grown over the years and currently boasts numerous locations in Manitoba. Erwin’s new restaurant was named “Salisbury House” after Lord Salisbury, who was famous in England for his love of ground steak. The hamburger craze, at that time, had just begun to sweep the United States with its popularity. Through his new Salisbury House, Erwin was the first to introduce the hamburger concept to Winnipeg at the same time, deciding to call it a “Nip”, indicating a smaller amount of the famous Salisbury Steak.


Erwin didn’t realize what an entrepreneur he truly was when he took a risk and also brought Silex Coffee to his Salisbury House. Although popular in the United States, Silex Coffee was unknown to Winnipeg and indeed to Canada. He also was responsible for another first in the city when in 1954 during the post-war automobile boom, the new Ellice Ave location opened with drive-in “car-hop” service. Salisbury House, as you can see, has never been a stranger to innovation.

Today, our now famous Nips, served on our freshly baked buns with our tasty grilled onions, continue to anchor our full menu along with our wonderful ALL DAY breakfasts, DELICIOUS lunches, and HEARTY dinners. All of this is augmented by our outstanding specialty items such as Sweet Potato Fries, house-made soups, and freshly baked desserts such as our delightful Wafer Pie, Chocolate Iced Donuts, and our famous Red Velvet Cake. Classic items with legendary taste.

After more than eight decades, Sals continues to pioneer the industry. We became one of the first local restaurants to offer food cooked in Trans Fat Free Oil, allowing the company to offer healthier alternatives without compromising our same legendary taste. Several gluten-free and vegetarian menu choices are also available. Several years back, every Sals restaurant started to provide free WiFi service at a time when it was not widely available and not often found in restaurants. Many of the Salisbury House past and current promotions have been original, innovative, and industry firsts which are now often emulated by other restaurants across Canada.

All of the wonderful tastes begin in our unique Commissary. Virtually all ingredients for our menu items are created in this centralized facility and delivered FRESH DAILY to all Salisbury House locations. This process allows us to guarantee fresh, consistent, high quality food to our guests with every visit to all Sals locations.

Your favourite items are available in take-home quantities from the new Sals Market, which is located near the Commissary. Freshly prepared sauces, dressings, pancake batter, breads, buns, cakes and pies are but a few of the many items available. Every Salisbury House restaurant also has a selection of fresh pies and cakes as well as other baked goods for take home. We will also expertly prepare and package just about every item on our menu for take home. Drop in or call ahead. Exceptional quality and taste from Our House to Your House.

While much has changed over the years, we remain totally dedicated to ensuring a quality experience for every guest. With each visit, our guests are treated to our “YES WE CAN” philosophy. If you have a request to substitute or change an item, we will always try to accommodate you – our team is committed to making your every visit to Salisbury House an exceptional one.

  Your House. Your Food. Your Way.  



  1930’s & 1940’s  

  • 1931 Ralph Erwin opens the first Salisbury House restaurant on Fort Street.

  • 1932 Second location opens, featuring a roof painted with leftover red barn paint and the legendary Red Roof is born.

  • 1936 Fort Street closes; the sixth location opens in the old Graham Avenue Bus Depot.

  • 1947 First of three summers at Stone’s Dock in Kenora.


  1950’s & 1960’s  

  • 1954 Ellice & Roseberry opens with carhop service.

  • 1956 The original Pembina & Stafford opens, complete with Cigar Stand.

  • 1963 5 new locations open, including Main & Matheson.

  • 1964 New Commissary opens at #1 Bannister Road. 17 new locations open, including Calgary, Red Deer, Swift Current & Moose Jaw.


  1970’s & 1980’s  

  • 1974 University Crescent location burns down.

  • 1979 Henderson Highway & St. Anne’s Road locations open.

  • 1980 Sals Store opens at the Commissary.

  • 1985 Location opens in Courts of St. James.


  1990’s & 2000’s  

  • 1991 Henderson Highway renovated into Full-Service location.

  • 2002 Crossroads Station Shopping Centre location opens.

  • 2003 3315 Portage Avenue at Parkdale location opens.

  • 2004 Winnipeg Goldeyes Ballpark Concession & Medical Arts Building locations open.

  • 2006 Earl Barish becomes President and CEO and undertakes the task of rejuvenating Winnipeg’s iconic restaurant chain.

  • 2007 New location opens in the Health Sciences Centre.

  • 2008 Red Roof Catering successfully launches.

  • 2010 North End flagship location opens at 787 Leila Avenue. Head Office moves to 787 Leila Avenue.

  • 2011 Salisbury House opens at the new James Armstrong Richardson International Airport.

  • 2012 Extensive interior renovations completed at the St. Anne’s and Fermor Family restaurant.

  • 2012 New South-End Flagship signature Restaurant at Pembina & Stafford opens in April featuring a stunning, bold interior design which includes the Manitoba Music Display.

  • 2013 Salisbury House introduces Sals Xpress.

  • 2013 Salisbury House concession opens at Investors Group Field, the new home of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

  • 2014 Interior Renovations including the addition of the Manitoba Sports Memorabilia Display completed at popular Portage and Parkdale location.

  • 2015 Salisbury House of Canada LTD forms a partnership with Norway House Cree Nation and opens a new Sals on May 5th in Norway House Manitoba.

  • 2015 Construction begins in Steinbach Manitoba for a new Salisbury House Family Restaurant.

  • 2015 Salisbury House opens a second concession at Investors Group Field, the home of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

  • 2017 Sals new ownership group.

  • 2018 Sals opens a new location on Lombard Avenue.

  • 2019 Sals Henderson moves to new Henderson location

  • 2020 Sals Store moves to Sals Market at 1800 King Edward Street.

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