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Sals Market

Does the Sals Market accept gift cards?

Yes they do, but they do not sell the gift cards.

Does the Sals Market accept American Express?

At this time, we do not accept AMEX.

Can I pay over the phone?

Yes, you can.

Do I have to pre-order the Heat & Eat meals?

No, you do not. But you can always call ahead to be safe! Our Sals Market phone number is 204-633-6301.

How much is a whole Red Velvet Cake?

A full slab is 80 pieces for $80. Half slab is 40 pieces for $48,
1/4 slab is 20 pieces for $29.00.
These can only be ordered and picked up from from one of our many locations. They need 2-4 days to prepare. The cake that feeds 12 people is $13 and can be picked up at any store.

Can I purchase the pancake batter?

Yes, you can.

Does the Sals Market sell dips and sauces?

Yes, you can purchase some of the dips you find in our restaurants, at our Market. To view what we have available, head to our Sals Market page and scroll down to "Click to See the Full Sals Market Wholesale Item Price List".

Where can I find the cooking instructions for the Heat & Eat meals?

On our website, under Sals Market/Catering you will find our Heat & Eat Cooking Instructions page.

Food & Beverage

Is the Veggie Nip, vegan? What brand is the patty?

Our Veggie Nip is considered Vegetarian but not vegan. The patty is vegan, as its a mushroom and rice blend, but the bun and Sals Sauce contain eggs. The brand of the patty is Sole Cuisine.

Do you have a nutritional or ingredient menu?

At this time, we do not have either. We recommend asking your server for any information regarding dietary restrictions.

Do you have gluten free items?

We have several gluten free options on our menu and are always looking to expand those offerings in the future, however we do not have a separate prep area so cross-contamination may occur. As our menu is expansive, it's best to check with your server. They will be able to offer you specific dishes and substitutions.

Our gluten free buns are from Pratts. All other buns we make ourselves.

Do you serve beer at all your locations?

We only serve beer at our family restaurant locations.

Who makes Sals loose leaf tea?

Sloan Fine Tea Merchants

Where do you get your meat?

We get our Beef from True North Foods.

We receive our Pork from Maple Leaf.

Our Poultry comes from Granny's.

Do you serve breakfast all day?

Yes we do!

When is the Pickerel Nip in season?

Supply is not available until the middle of August/early September.

Are your french fries frozen?

Our fries are prepared fresh at our Sals Market and then frozen.

How much is a full pie?

$10, no tax.

Do you sell your dips and sauces?

Yes, you can purchase some of our dips and sauces through the Sals Market. To view what we have available, head to our Sals Market page and scroll down to "Click to See the Full Sals Market Wholesale Item Price List".

Why did the cost of Sals Lasagna go up?

Lasagna was offered at an introductory price back in March that was no longer sustainable as beef prices have gone up.
Was: $9.99
Now: $12.99

Are your fries made in a seperate fryer to prevent cross contamination?

Yes, they are. Always double check with your server if you are concerned about allergies or intolerances.

Are your pancakes made from scratch or from a pre-made mix?

Our pancake mix is made fresh at our Sals Market and then delivered to the restaurants.


Do you rent out equipment?

For any renting enquiries please call our Sals Market at 204-633-6301. They may rent out certain equipment based on the request.

Can I pay over the phone?

Yes, you can.

Do you supply cutlery?

Typically, but it is always good to mention they are required, as we have various options.

How many people does the Sandwich Platter feed?

It will feed about 10-12 people.


Is Salisbury House Hiring?

We are always accepting applications. You can apply through our website, through our "careers" tab, and select the location you are interested in.


Can I check my gift card balance online?

Yes! If you scroll to the bottom of this page, you will find a “Check Your Gift Card Balance” prompt in the left hand corner.

What days and times do your breakfast specials run? Prices?

Our breakfast special runs Monday to Friday, 6:30AM - 10:30AM. They are also available for take-out during those times.

2 Eggs & Toast Special - $3.77
Traditional Breakfast Special - $5.77
Supreme Breakfast Special - $7.77

Lombard Breakfast Specials:
Lombard Breakfast, Includes Coffee - $7.99
All Hearty Breakfasts for the Homestyle Price - $9.99
All Omelettes - $9.99
Sals Eggs Benedict - $9.99

Does Sals have merchandise and where can I find it?

We sell Sals merch at our Sals Market. We have mugs, hats, and t-shirts.

Do you have a delivery service?

Many of our locations do deliver through Skip the Dishes. Download their app and order your favourite Sals food anytime you'd like.

Are you unionized?

We have our own association called Salisbury House Employee Association. It is not a union, but it follows similar guidelines.

Our head office is located at our Leila location. You may call them at 204-694-0931 for any enquiries you may have about the Association.

Where can I use my Sals gift card?

Our giftcards can be used at any of our restaurants, or the Sals Market.

Unfortunately, you can not use our gift cards through Skip The Dishes.

Can I buy a Sals gift card online?

We don't offer gift cards online, however you may contact our head office at 204-594-7257 and purchase over the phone.

Do all the locations have Wifi?

Yes, they do! That way you can post any pictures or comments while you're visiting.

Do I need to make a reservation?

Only if you are visiting with a large group.

Do you host children's birthday parties?

We can certainly accommodate a birthday party. The banquet room at our Leila location would be the most ideal, but depending on where in the city you are, you may contact the location nearest to you and make a request with the manager.


Why does the Lombard location have their own Instagram?

Our Lombard location is the only one with it's own Instagram account as the location has many unique specials from the others, and a completely different audience.

Do all the locations have Wifi?

Yes, they do! That way you can post any pictures or comments while you're visiting.

Will dine-in commence at 1800 King Edward Street after the pandemic?

Due to the closure, the location had to be converted to the Market, which has been a huge success and we're happy to have brought a new concept to Winnipeg. Whether a new location opens up in the area after the pandemic has been tempered or not remains to be seen.


I dont have a printer, how can I get coupons?

Monthly coupons can be printed at any copy center like Staples for only $0.08. Our annual coupons will be available for pick-up in store.

You may also show your coupons on a mobile device.

Can I use a coupon on a take out order?

Yes, you can. You can use coupons for dine in or take out orders only.

Does my coupon include fries/ drink?

Not unless the coupon specifies that it includes a side or a drink.

Do I have to print the coupons in colour?

No, you can print them in black and white as well.

Why didn't I get my coupons?

If you didn't receive your coupons, please double check your junk or spam folder in your email. They may have been filtered there. It may also help if you search "Salisbury House" in your email search bar. Send us a message with your email address if you are unable to find them.

Can you mail me coupons?

We no longer mail out coupons. You are more than welcome to sign up for our coupons through our website, here, and receive them in your email. You will then just need to show them on your phone or print out a physical copy.

These coupons can be used as many times as you like until they expire.

If you don't have email, a mobile phone, or a printer you can check with your favourite Sals location to see if they have printed copies.