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Ever want to create all those classic Sals favourites in the comfort of your own home? Now you can at WHOLESALE PRICES!! Introducing the Sals Market! Your one-stop shop for all things Sals. Fresh Nip patties, shredded potatoes, Sals Sauce, Nip buns, and so much more!

Don't have time to prepare dinner? We've got you covered. Sals Market Heat & Eat Prepared Meals are fully cooked restaurant quality meals. Simply heat at home and serve! With over 12 Heat & Eat Prepared selections available daily, you'll never fear the question, "What's for dinner?" again!

1800 King Edward St

Phone: (204) 633-6301

OPEN Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday: 10:00am - 4:30pm

Thursday and Friday: 10:00am - 6:00pm
CLOSED Sundays and Mondays

SALS Family Restaurant Locations

A Winnipeg family tradition for 90 years. Our full service Family Restaurants offer a complete menu. From Homestyle breakfasts, Hearty Skillets and Traditional Dinners, to our mouthwatering 1/4 lb and 1/2 lb Nips, Golden French Fries, Sals Super Salads, Loose Leaf Teas and don’t forget those Delicious Desserts. 

759 Pembina Hwy

at Stafford St

Phone: (204) 453-6404
6am - 9pm, 7-Days/Week
Available for Dine-in

1277 Henderson Hwy


Phone: (204) 661-2374

9am - 7pm, 7-Days/Week
Takeout Via Call or Online

787 Leila Ave

Phone: (204) 694-0931
6am - 9pm, 7-Days/Week
Available for Dine-in

1570 Regent Ave

Crossroads Station

Phone: (204) 661-6539
7am - 7pm, 7-Days/Week
Available for Dine-in

255 St. Anne’s Rd

at Fermor Ave

Phone: (204) 255-2823
9am - 7pm, 7-Days/Week
Takeout Via Call or Online

3315 Portage Ave

Parkdale St

Phone: (204) 889-3156
9am - 7pm, 7-Days/Week
Takeout Via Call or Online

Steinbach 65 MB Hwy 12 North

Steinbach, MB

Phone: (204) 326-4028
Temporarily Closed

177 Lombard Ave


Phone: (204) 289-4320
Temporarily Closed

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