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The Winnipeg Goldeyes: Home Runs and Delicious Burgers!

The Winnipeg Goldeyes baseball team holds a special place in the hearts of Winnipeggers. The current team, Established in 1994, is an esteemed minor-league baseball team that competes against others in the American Association of Professional Baseball. Let's look into their captivating history, notable players, fan experience, and stadium facilities that make the Winnipeg Goldeyes a beloved institution in Winnipeg, MB.

A baseball player winds up to pitch. He is in a classic baseball uniform and hat. There is a stadium light behind him.

History and Achievements of the Winnipeg Goldeyes

Since its creation, the Winnipeg Goldeyes have left a mark in the world of minor league baseball. With numerous championships, record-breaking seasons, and thrilling moments, they have become a symbol of excellence. Discover the team's journey from its early days to its current status as a powerhouse in the league. Since 1994, the Goldeyes have won 4 championships.

Notable Players in the Winnipeg Goldeyes Team

The Winnipeg Goldeyes have been fortunate to have an array of talented individuals gracing their roster that have later gone on to play in the MLB after being scouted. From legendary players who defined eras to rising stars who continue to make their mark, these athletes have shaped the team's identity. Most recently, Max Murphy received the 2022 American Association Player of the Year Award. The Goldeyes has had 5 players in total receive this award since 1994.

Point of view of a young girl looking at a full baseball stadium.

Fan Experience at Winnipeg Goldeyes Games

Attending a Winnipeg Goldeyes game is an unforgettable experience for fans of all ages. The electrifying atmosphere, passionate crowd, and thrilling on-field action create an incredible ambiance. Immerse yourself in the traditions, interactive activities, and camaraderie that make being a Goldeyes fan an unparalleled experience. Dance with Gabe, or try and grab the attention of Goldie and Goldette the team mascots!

Shaw Park: Home of the Winnipeg Goldeyes

Opened in June 1999, Shaw Park is not only a great place to catch the Goldeyes, but also hosts various events, concerts, and sports competitions.

With top-notch amenities and a central location near The Forks and Portage and Main, Shaw Park offers both a convenient and enjoyable experience for fans. The nearby Exchange District provides additional entertainment options, ensuring that a visit to see the Winnipeg Goldeyes doesn't end when the game is over. If you would rather to eat before the game, stop by our family restaurant location on Lombard, which is a short walk away from the diamond.

A graphic that says "The Nip is Back", with a picture of a Salisbury House Cheese Nip. It also says "Locally Farmed, Fresh, 100% Manitoba Beef".

Salisbury House Now at Shaw Park

Enjoy game day with the Winnipeg Goldeyes even more! Sals has returned to Shaw Park once again for the 2023 season. Enjoy a Regular, Cheese, or BBQ Bacon Nip, along with fresh hand-cut fries while you watch the game. Made with 100% Manitoba beef, you can't go wrong! Skysuite service is also available. Nothing better than two Winnipeg staples offering a great family experience.

The Winnipeg Goldeyes is more than just a sports franchise. It is a symbol of Winnipeg pride, passion, and unity. Not only that, but they also support local charities like with their annual Winnipeg Goldeyes Field of Dreams Foundation Golf Tournament! Through their rich history, exceptional players, thrilling fan experience, and top-notch facilities, the Goldeyes continue to captivate the hearts of baseball enthusiasts in Winnipeg and beyond.


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