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Pay It Forward by Shopping at a Locally Owned Winnipeg Clothing Store

Updated: Apr 20

It is so important to pay it forward and shop local! We know how easy it can be to shop from your phone or laptop for everything nowadays, whether it's for items around the house, groceries, or clothing. But if there is one thing the pandemic has taught us, it is how important it is to shop local, now more than ever. When you choose to shop local, you're choosing to keep money in your own town, you're helping the environment, building a community, and supporting people who live in that community. So next time you have that itch to shop for new clothes, consider paying it forward and shopping at one of the stores on this list!


Danali is a family-owned and operated clothing store here in Winnipeg. This boutique has been around since the late 70s and some of the current work team has been there for over a decade. They love to discuss new trends and designs and consider their customers an extension of their own family. As said on their website, their clothing can be described as "a general balance of classic with a clever twist or pop." They also consider denim to be one of their passions. If that sounds like your style, consider dropping in at their store in the Kenaston Village Mall, at 530 Kenaston Boulevard!

Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue was founded in 1991 by Wendy Waters and is considered fun, free-spirited fashion. Her designs can be described as eclectic and inspired by music and story. The team at Out of the Blue strives to source responsible brands and suppliers. Something we personally find wonderful about this store is that they provide their employees with a living wage, as well as an affordable health plan. They clearly care about both their employees and their community. If you are looking for the perfect modern or vintage look, you can find Out of the Blue at 102 Osborne Street!

Style Bar

This store has something for everyone! The Style Bar was founded in 2013 and sells Women's and men's clothing, as well as maternity and baby clothes. They also sell gifts alongside their collection of beautiful clothes. They strive to sell clothing that fits every style and budget and as their website says, "We believe your style should be as unique as you are." If you aren't able to make it into the actual shop, you can also shop their goods online! Next time you're in the Osborne area, stop in at the Style Bar at 470 River Avenue.

Poppie Clothing (A Pay-it-Forward Store)

Poppie Clothing sells a huge collection of clothing, accessories, and jewelry for people of all ages and styles. Not only are they a Winnipeg local company themselves, but they also pay it forward by carrying products from other local shops! Their goal is to make shopping, whether online or in-store, an experience to enjoy, as well as help women of any age look and feel their best. If you would like to visit their shop or check out the other local brands they support, you can find them out at 1724 Corydon Avenue!

Loka Boutique

Loka Boutique was founded over 16 years ago here in Winnipeg and they are known for not only their gorgeous products but their amazing customer service and the laid-back shopping experience they offer. If you're looking to add that perfect piece to your wardrobe or to find out the latest fashion trends, consider visiting them at 100-442 Academy Road!

Well, there you have it! Those are just 5 of the amazing local clothing stores here in Winnipeg. Much like us here at Sals, the stores above are known for giving back to the community that has given so much to them. So next time you get that craving to shop think, "pay it forward" and shop at a locally owned Winnipeg clothing store!

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