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Best Picnic Areas From Winnipeg’s Favourite Family Restaurant!

There's no better way to spend the warm months than picking up some delicious food from your favourite Winnipeg family restaurant, and heading to one of the many beautiful parks around town. Here are just a few of our favourite parks to have a picnic!

A family gathers on a picnic blanket in a park, with food and a picnic basket.

Assiniboine Park - A Salisbury House Fave

Considered to be Winnipeg's best park, with tons of walking trails, craft beer offerings and ice cream near the duck pond, along with tables to enjoy your Sals meal! Assiniboine Park also has both a Conservatory and a Zoo, which is home to more than 150 animal species. So if you have little ones with you, or just an animal lover, you can take a short walk with the animals after you have your picnic! Tap here for an informative map of this must-visit park!

A mom and dad lie on a picnic blanket in a park, with their daughter. The dad is pouring a glass of lemonade and their is food on the picnic blanket.

Did you know that this park has some of the oldest and largest trees in the province? It's also open year-round, from sunrise to sunset. There is so much to do here, between the Rainbow Stage (Canada's oldest outdoor theatre), the walking trails, and Hansel & Gretel's Witch Hut. There's also an outdoor pool so after you have some food from your favourite family restaurant, you can go take a dip! Kildonan Park is located at 2015 Main Street, beside the Kildonan Park golf course and the Chief Peguis Trail.

A picture of the entrance to Upper Fort Garry.

This recently updated park located in Downtown Winnipeg, and close to our Lombard location makes for a perfect lunch spot. Nestled amidst historic charm, the park offers a serene setting to sit down and enjoy a delicious Salisbury House Nip. The 400 ft steel wall with embedded LED lights gives you a light show to watch, so you can put down your phone and enjoy your meal. With it’s updated greenspace combined with the historic Fort Garry wall and the LED light show, we highly recommend this park.

A view of the forks from the Red River. You can see boats, the shore, and the Forks building in the background.

It wouldn’t be a list of best picnic spots without one the top tourist attractions in the city. This historic site has thousands of years of history attached to it, giving you a variety of things to do after you chow down on your delicious Salisbury House lunch. With it’s scenic waterfront of the Red River, there’s plenty of spots for you to sit and eat. After your meal you can enjoy the boardwalk on the river, take some pictures with the giant WINNIPEG sign, or take a gander at the Forks Market for some local goodies.

Winnipeg has plenty of picnic spots for you to check out but these are our personal faves for taking your partner, kids, and even pets, on a picnic date! So next time you stop at your favourite family restaurant, consider making that order a take-out meal and stop at one of this city's beautiful parks.

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