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Best Nightlife Activities in Winnipeg

Updated: Jun 3

So you've just had dinner at Sals, one of the old restaurants in Winnipeg. Now what? Winnipeg has a varied and vibrant nightlife scene. No matter what you're into, you'll find the perfect place to hang out and have some fun at. Whether you prefer bars and clubs or something more laid back, we've got a list of ideas for you!

Two men participating in an axe throwing game.

Axe Throwing

Axe throwing has become more and more popular over the years! It's gone from a sport to a fun experience that even you can try your hand at now. All you have to do is throw an axe at a target and attempt to hit the bullseye. Similar to darts but with an axe! In Winnipeg, we have two axe throwing places to check out. One is AXE Throwing Winnipeg at 30 Durand Road, Unit 4, and the other is Bad Axe Throwing, located at 1393, 6 Border Street.

Vintage brass lock beside 3 vintage-style brass keys.

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are so much fun! If you haven't tried one out yet, get some friends and family together one night and head down to one of the few escape rooms we have here in Winnipeg. You and your party are put in a room where you have to solve puzzles and discover clues, to eventually find your way out of the room. There are a few different places in Winnipeg where you can do this, but here are the ones we recommend: GET OUT! Escape Rooms Inc., Enigma Escapes, and Escape Social.

Two couples enjoying beers and a sandwich in a pool hall.

Pool Lounges

Pool is a classic choice for some late-night fun! Almost everyone knows how to play and if you don't, it's easy enough to teach. Another good thing about pool, is that no matter where you are in Winnipeg, you're bound to find a place near you with a table! If you're near Polo Park, we suggest Classics Billiards Bar & Grill, and if you're in St. Vital, check out Break Billiards. If you're in the Osborne area there's Sonix Bar & Grill, and if you're in West Fort, there's The Hangar!

Concert setting with audience member making the peace-sign gesture


The great thing about Winnipeg is that there's almost always some sort of show going on somewhere in town, whether it's a concert, play, or a sports game. One of Canada's most acclaimed live music and entertainment venues is the Burton Cummings Theatre. This April and May alone, they have bands like Peach Pit, Caribou, Royal Blood, July Talk, and Shakey Graves playing. And that's only a few of the very long list! If you're looking to catch a hockey game, there's the Canada Life Centre (also known as the Bell MTS centre) downtown, on Portage! If you're into cultural and diverse programming, there is the Centre Cuturel Cranco-Manitobain in the heart of Saint-Boniface. They have jazz musicians every Tuesday and French movies with English subtitles on the second Saturday of each month. They even have dance classes there!

4 friends in a restaurant lounge looking at

Sports Bars - Before Drinking, Consider Eating at One of the Old Restaurants in Winnipeg First

After enjoying a meal at Sals, one of the old restaurants in Winnipeg, consider heading down to one of Winnipeg's classic Sports Bars. Nothing goes together like beer and sports, right? Right! If you're looking for the perfect bar to catch the game at, here's the one we recommend! Shark Club Sports Bar & Grill, Half Time Sports Bar and Grill, Hat Tricks Sports Bar and Grill, and The Canadian Brewhouse. The last place we'll recommend is our Pembina & Stafford location. While we don't consider it a sports bar, we do serve the world's largest selection of Manitoba Craft Beer at that location (it's the only location we serve beer and wine at) and we do have TV's!

So there you have it! There are some of the best nightlife activities you can find here in Winnipeg. There's plenty more but those are our personal favourites. Remember to have fun and of course, stay safe. If you're going to drink, drink responsibly. That means eating beforehand so consider eating at one of the old restaurants in Winnipeg, first!

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