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Spotlight on Winnipeg Craft Beer: The Best Local Breweries

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

In April 2021, Salisbury House Restaurant welcomed its first craft beer menu at our Pembina and Stafford restaurant: the world’s largest selection of Manitoba craft beer. In celebrating our 90th anniversary, we wanted to do something that showcased our local ties. Instead of choosing one specific brewery over another, we went with every single brewery! If you produce beer in Manitoba, we’re carrying your beer or trying to as a regular selection.

It’s been an exciting journey, and we can’t appreciate our local partnerships more. Get to know Winnipeg's local breweries more as we spotlight three brewers on our craft beer menu each month!

Let us know what Sals dish you like to pair with these beers!

Since 2017

5-Stars on GMB.

Opened Manitoba's first and only bee-to-bottle meadery in 2019.

Bee Boyzz is a family-run meadery that started with an appreciation for bees. The Paseschnikoff family has been tending hives since before they immigrated to Canada in the 60s. Throughout the decades, their passion grew, and soon enough – a hobby became a successful local business. You can even find their products in box stores like Safeway, Sobeys, and Co-Op.

Salisbury house carries three of Bee Boyzz's specialty drinks, but we highly recommend trying:

  • HoneyWine: Harvest Sunset (aged in gin barrels), Petal Pusher, or Pear Amour.

  • Natural or Flavoured Honey: Sweet Variety Pack, Canadian Maple Honey, or Jalapeno Honey.

What craft beer can you find at our Pembina and Stafford restaurant?

  • Don't Worry Bee Happy: This Strawberry carbonated mead uses local strawberries to create a light, fruity, refreshing bubbly beverage. 5% ABV

  • Mind Your Own Beeswax: A crisp, carbonated, light honey flavour. 5% ABV

  • The Hive Lager: Lager fermented with honey. Refreshingly light. 5% ABV, 15 IBU

Which Bee Boyzz drink is your favourite?

  • Don't Worry Be Happy

  • Mind Your Own Beeswax

  • The Hive Lager

The brewery in Neepawa officially opened in 2016.

4.7 Stars on GMB.

Farmery becomes the first Manitoba brewery to enter the Ontario market!

Farmery Estate Brewery has a long history in Winnipeg. The founders started their local business journey as Lux Solé on Osborne St, then they brought us Winnipeg's first gastropub – Luxaulune, and in 2009 the idea of Farmery Estate Brewery was born. After years of fine-tuning their craft, Farmery Estate Brewery became another iconic Winnipeg business: to date, it’s an award-winning brewery and is a Star Attraction in the city.

Salisbury house carries three Farmery craft beers, but we highly recommend trying:

  • Craft Spirits: Hard Root Beer, Pink Kiss Lemon flavoured Vodka or Great White North Peach.

  • Non-alcoholic Drinks: Juicy Peach NEDI (NEDI stands for Nootropic Energy Drink Infusion), Prairie Berry Cream Soda or Lemon-Lime NEDI.

What craft beer can you find at our Pembina and Stafford restaurant?

  • Roasted Yerba: The Roasted Yerba Ale is brewed with certified organic Yerba direct from the source in Brazil. It is a smooth 5% caramel Ale with energetic Yerba Matte tea flavours and subtle notes of butterscotch. 5% ABV, 6 IBU

  • Manitoba Maple: Americans have apple pie, and Canadians have maple syrup. Celebrate our national culture with this light yet robust, maple syrup-infused dark n' delicious lager that goes down smooth and easy on a cold Manitoba wind-chilled day -- and leaves you wanting more!

  • Farmery Premium: A clear, crisp lager made with hops and barley grown on Framery’s family farm.

4.9 Stars on GMB.

Family-owned craft brewery & taproom near Confusion Corner.

Sookram’s Brewery is a taphouse and brewery in one of the most popular neighbourhoods in Winnipeg: Osborne Village. A few blocks from Confusion Corner, you can enjoy over ten beers on tap and light snacks, or you can place an order for delivery. The taphouse and brewery have become a staple in the city, and locals love their collaborations like pop-up restaurant features and movie nights with Park Theatre.

Salisbury house carries four Sookram craft beers, but we highly recommend trying:

  • Their new craft beer Old Familiar English Special Bitter (released Oct 4-22). It’s currently available online or at their taphouse.

  • Merchandise: Bella+Canvas grey crewneck, Branded Toques, or Cosmos Tees.

What craft beer can you find at our Pembina and Stafford restaurant?

  • Cult Classic: A pale, golden lager full of crisp hops and bready malts. The zesty spice and floral notes from the hops balance the malt sweetness before a crisp finish. 5% ABV, 30 IBU

  • Desert Island: Desert Island IPA has intense hop flavours and aromas. 6.5% ABV, 70 IBU

  • Cosmos Dry Hopped Sour: A burst of citrus, fuzzy peach, and lemon - creating a sour ale layered with tropical fruit aromatics and refreshing tartness. 6% ABV, 43 IBU

  • Eternal Sunshine: Eternal Sunshine Pale Ale is hopped with Centennial, Cascade and Cyro Citra hops. This seasonable pale ale is full of citrus aromatics from the hops and has a refreshingly balanced fruitiness. 4.5% ABV, 24 IBU

The World’s Largest Selection of Manitoba Craft Beer

While our other family restaurants do not serve alcoholic beverages, we have been working hard to expand the craft beer menu at our Lelia location. Let us know if you’d like to see craft beer at more of our restaurants! Also, Salisbury House is constantly accumulating new beer and breweries to work with; if you have any recommendations, we’d love to hear from you!

Don’t forget to let us know what Sals dish you love to pair with these beers. Send us a DM or tag us in your next Salisbury House post to have it reshared.

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