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Salisbury House has 8 Restaurants in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

In 1931, Salisbury House started as an all-night cafe on Fort Street, just south of Portage.

Nine decades later, we’re an eight-restaurant franchise across Winnipeg, serving an extensive menu of comfort food, including all-day breakfast.

Our gratitude and appreciation to Winnipeg can’t be described, but we’re truly honoured to be an iconic spot. Also, to the communities and neighbourhoods that supported our restaurant, we couldn't have lasted this long without you. We’re proud to be one of the oldest restaurants in Winnipeg.

With eight locations across Winnipeg, it can be hard to keep track of our whereabouts. Just know, there is always a Sals nearby.

Vintage photo of a Salisbury House Restaurant in Winnipeg. Black and white. The restaurant looks like a house and has a "Salisbury Nips House Nips" sign. A crowd of people in front of the building.

North Winnipeg Restaurants

On the northern side of Winnipeg, we have 3 restaurant locations.

In the heart of North Kildonan, our classic diner is close to Cheif Pegus Trail, a short jump from Main Street, and right near Kildonan Park.

Grab take-out from our restaurant and enjoy a picnic in the park!

Calling all Garden City residents, thank you for the 800+ reviews! We’re always happy to serve you after your shopping sprees at Garden City Shopping Centre.

If you’re unfamiliar with our location, we’re right behind the center's parking lot facing Lelia.

Probably one of our most beloved locations; during the pandemic we received hundreds of messages and emails about when the Matheson location would reopen.

It wasn't easy, but we’re happy to be serving burgers to the local Northenders again.

Exterior of the Salisbury House Express Location on Main and Matheson in Winnipeg. Sign says "SALS XPRESS". A building with graffiti on the side.

East Winnipeg Restaurant

We only have one location in the east, but our northern locations are a quick drive away.

It’s an easy drive to our Regent location from Elmwood, Kildonan, Dugal or Transcona. We’re even near St. Boniface.

Stop by and say hi when you’re visiting our friendly retailer, restaurant, and service provider neighbours.

The Salisbury House Restaurant on Regent Ave W in Winnipeg. Photo was taken in 1969. People sitting and eating while waitresses serve them.

South Winnipeg Restaurant

Winnipeg’s Southend is a newer neighbourhood; housing developments are always happening in Bridgwater, South Pointe, etc. Hopefully, with the expansion, we get more Sal’s locations out there too!

Currently, we just have one location on Pembina Hwy, which opened on April 2, 2012.

This location contains a “Tribute to Manitoba Music Museum”. It features one of Burton Cummings’ early pianos, Guess Who memorabilia, a working 1948 Rockola jukebox, and several other unique historic pieces - a must-see!

Salisbury House also holds the world record for the largest craft beer menu! We support over 35 local breweries and carry multiple of their craft beers.

Sadly, we’re not a 24-hour restaurant anymore, but we are open late.

Manitoba Music display at the Salisbury House Restaurant on Stafford and Pembina in Winnipeg. Photos of famous musicians from Manitoba. Signed guitars and memorabilia.

Central & West Winnipeg Restaurants

Salisbury House has two restaurants in the central/west Winnipeg area. One of our newest locations and one that has been providing the best breakfast in Winnipeg for 20+ years.

The Portage & Parkdale restaurant has been serving nips since 2000 and we don't plan on stopping anytime soon! St. James (the neighbourhood, not the street) looks fairly large on a map, but the reality is; you can drive across the neighbour within 15 minutes.

Our full-sized restaurant has maximum seating and a large serving team to accommodate parties and events.

If you live in St James, we’re nearby and ready to flip some nips!

Say hello to the newest Salisbury House addition!

The Exchange District and Downtown commuters have given a lot of love to this restaurant already, and we can’t wait to serve you delicious food throughout the festival season!

Conveniently located in the Exchange District, drivers, bussers, and walkers can easily access this location.

Vintage photo of a Salisbury House Restaurant from 1969. Close up shot of the exterior. A group of young kids/teenagers are standing in front of it.

Salisbury Customers Across Winnipeg

Winnipeg seniors are our number one customer, and many of them have been coming to Salisbury House for 30+ years. Enjoying the same great taste they grew up eating with family and friends.

Our 55+ restaurant menu (Sals Sliver Menu) gives you the same great taste, with reduced serving sizes and prices.

Never force yourself to finish that delicious plate of food, always savour it! Lower prices always taste better too.

If you’re looking to eat the best breakfast or burger in Winnipeg, just spot our iconic red roof!

Modern day Salisbury House Restaurant in Winnipeg. Exterior shot. Large red roof sign. Sunset in the back. Empty parking lot.

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