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Winnipeg's Favourite Comfort Food: Salisbury House Restaurant

Restaurants open in Winnipeg? You can always count on Salisbury House.

For the last 90 years, Salisbury House Restaurants have been the go-to place for comfort food in Winnipeg and Manitoba. We have locations scattered across Winnipeg and even in Steinbach, plus, we tend to stay open late and reopen early.

Need a slice of red velvet cake as a bedtime snack? Craving a breakfast skillet before work? Wanting a juicy burger for a fair price?

Not many restaurants can offer all three options at any time of day.

Locals and tourists alike trust us with their cravings because our comfort food tastes like it was made at home in the kitchen.

When your cravings hit, we got the comfort food for you and our options are endless.

Comfort food by Salisbury House. Two plates of food on a checkered table cloth. Close up shot. One plate of three eggs, sausage, three pancakes and an orange slice. Another plate of french toast, sausage and an orange slice.
“We hadn’t been to Sals in forever, and at one time it wasn’t on the top of our list. Let me recommend Winnipegers you need to re-try this place. Our cheese Nips were juicy (choice of white or ww bun), fries were excellent and salad was fresh. Makayla was our server, she kept our coffee topped up and a sweetheart. All around awesome experience.” - Mar Sun, 5-star google review.

We’re Always Serving All-Day Breakfast

Our servers have been with you through those early morning trips, the days work never seems to end, and possibly our favourite, your breakfast dates. (By the way, we’ve never seen a date over a plate of pancakes go bad!)

Take-out or dine-in, morning or night, our breakfast is always nearby. If you’re stuck on what to pick, try one of our favourite breakfast items.

The Best Breakfast Skillets in Winnipeg

Sals Homestyle Skillets are made with 2 scrambled Grade A Large Manitoba eggs, golden cubed potatoes and FRESH quality ingredients. Don't forget to order your favourite side!

The Hearty Breakfast Skillet has all of the same fresh ingredients, but more. You get 3 scrambled Grade A Large Manitoba eggs, and a larger portion of golden cubed potatoes and toppings. Choose from the Meat Eater, Smoked Meat & Hash, Huevos Rancheros, or Garden Veggie.

Breakfast skillets are great for taking home leftovers or when you need to skip lunch.

Thick Buttermilk Pancakes

Our buttermilk pancakes have a rep around Winnipeg.

“Went two days in a row. They remodeled for COVID, but didn’t feel invasive. This place is great the manager runs it so well and knows every customer. Feels like the local dinner it is. We know all the waitress’s and they are really great. They are super busy but never let a table feel neglected. All around good spot. Our kids love the pancakes and potatoes. We just enjoy the great service and classic eats.” Marina Havard (Marishinka), 5-start Google Review.

They’re so popular, that we had to start selling our pancake mix in bulk through our Sals Market. Our 8 lb. pancake mix makes approx. 37 - 5 1/2 " pancakes. Feed the whole family or serve them at your next party.

When you dine-in or take-out, you have the option of adding bacon or sausage to your meal, plus you can choose from blueberry or chocolate pancakes. Pancakes are the best choice for picky eaters.

“My family loves Sal's. I am sure all the food is delicious, but I only ever order the cheese nip platter. Best burgers in the world!! My children love the pancakes, with pancakes on the side. You can never have enough!! A trip to Salisbury House when we are in the city is always a treat!!” Tannys Lockerby, 5-Star Google Review.

Sorry, Pancake House Pembina, we’re claiming the best pancakes award in Winnipeg <3

Social media post from Salisbury House. "Hungry?" at the top. A picture of the Blueberry Pancakes and Meat Meal. Pointing out ingredients like "your choice of meat side", "mixed with blueberries". etc. Turquoise background. "Three Blueberry Pancakes" at the bottom.

Quick Lunch Bites or Afternoon Meals

We all need to feel a bit of comfort during our mid-day break. What better way than food?

Have no shame in ordering a Three Cheese Double Nip Platter to your office on those off-days.

Need to pick up morale or celebrate an achievement? Grab a 6"x9" red velvet cake from our market or order single slices for take-out.

Comfort food will always do the trick. Sals has quick bite lunch options and full meals for all of your cravings, but these are our top contenders.

Sals Prairie Melt Platter

We’re no sandwich shop and we’re not an exclusive takeout restaurant, but our sandwich and melt platters are flying out the door during lunch.

The Sals Prairie Melt Platter hits all of your cravings. You get FRESH turkey breast, 2 slices of natural Cheddar cheese, sliced tomatoes, Sals own 1000 Island dressing and crispy side bacon, all held together by two grilled slices of Sals own FRESH baked, thick-cut rye bread.

Plus, you can pick one of seven sides: fries & coleslaw, a bowl of soup, a side tossed or caesar salad, some fresh fruit or a combination of sides.

This pick is perfect for dine-in, take-out, or delivery.

“Awesome! I am a regular customer, always great comfort food!” Robyn Lechow, 5-star Google Review.

Salisbury House Nip Platter

Proudly serving Winnipeg’s favourite and best burgers, or as we like to call them, Nips.

Our famous nips are a large part of Salisbury House’s history and they’re why our restaurant is such a staple in Winnipeg and Manitoba.

“Fast friendly service. The best cheese nips I've ever had! Love their fried onions!” - Karen Backman, 5-star Google Review.

When lunchtime hits, you can never go wrong with a burger. Our classic Nip Platter will fill you for the rest of the day, but won't leave you feeling uncomfortably full. You might even have room for dessert.

We have many burgers to choose from; for a light lunch, our classics are the way to go.

A social media post from Salisbury House. A picture of the house nip. Burger is broken up to sections with arrows pointing to ingredients. Fresh Bun, Grilled Onions, 4oz MB Beef Patty, Fresh Bun.
“The quality of this meal was impressive, one of the best burgers I've ever had! Also the waitress there was so so so nice to everybody at the table (& for sure deserves a raise mgmt)! I would go back there in a heartbeat!!” Paul Hewak, 5-Star Google Review.

Late-Night Dinners & Desserts

You’re not the only one getting late-night cravings! Our body's internal clock increases cravings for sweet, starchy, and salty foods in the evenings.

Way back when our ancestors ate during the evening to store energy for the next day. So, we should all be blaming them for our evening binges.

Either way, when the cravings hit, head-on over to a nearby Salisbury Restaurant. Our full menu is available from opening to close. Grab the best breakfast in Winnipeg, one of our savoury sandwich melt platters, or a delicious dessert like our red velvet cake.

But, if you’re actually just craving dinner, here are our top recommendations!

Super Salisbury Steak

I mean, 8oz 100% Manitoba FRESH ground beef patty, topped with grilled onions and a side of Sals own chili meat sauce, plus potatoes and coleslaw. How could you go wrong?

It’s one of our classic dishes, and we even offer a Silver Menu alternative (Sal’s Silver Menu is available to customers who are 55+).

We recommend pairing it with one of our craft beers! Our Pembina and Stafford restaurants have the largest craft beer menu in the world. Over 36 local breweries are supported by Salisbury House.

Grand Gourmet Platter - A Competition Winner!

Our burgers are so good that we had to include them in our top picks for lunch and dinner.

The Grand Gourmet Platter is a competition winner and just proves Sal’s has the best burgers in Winnipeg.

This plate is best served for dinner because it was have you full for the whole evening. With the Grand Gourmet, you get Sals own house-made roasted garlic and onion aioli, 2 slices of natural Cheddar cheese, 3 slices of maple millionaire bacon and perfectly seasoned crispy onions stacked on our juicy 8oz Nip patty. All topped off with Sals Sauce.

Since it’s a platter, you still get a choice of sides. So yeah, more of a dinner option.

A social media post from Salisbury House Restaurant. A gran gourmet burger broken into sections. Fresh bun, crispy onions, side bacon, naturally aged cheddar cheese, 8oz meat patty, fresh bun.
“Had the grand gourmet platter today for 15.99 with half Caesar salad and half fries. I love how they have this as a primary option. For someone that prefers variety over quantity this is perfect. It was a great amount of food and one of the best burgers I have had at a restaurant. It was pretty messy but it was mostly water rather than grease but it didn't taste soggy. It was fresh, flavourful and delicious. I also had their red velvet cake. The serve originally said they were out but double checked for me and they ended up having some. It was also extremely fresh and delicious. The service was outstanding. Our server was incredible with us and everyone she was serving. The cashier staff didn't seem to be as thrilled to be there but they weren't unpleasant.” Morgan O'Leary, 5-star Google Review.

(The cashier was just sad that they weren't eating the Grand Gourmet Platter.)

Famous & Classic Red Velvet Cake

Obviously, we’re obsessed with our classic red velvet cake, and we say this in the most humble way, but so is Winnipeg.

Our red velvet cake is another popular item we had to add to our Sal’s Market because the demand was so high.

Not only can you order a full-sized cake through the market, you can place a custom cake order if you need a specific size, etc., but you can also grab slices through dine-in, take-out or delivery.

Wherever you are or go, Sal’s red velvet cake is nearby.

“Delicious nips and platters. Carrot cake always moist, red velvet cake very good. Wafer pie outstanding a family fav” Shelley Dudeck recommends Salisbury House (Henderson) on Facebook.

Salisbury House Restaurant: Always Serving The Best Comfort Food

Our restaurants are always open in Winnipeg, and we’re always serving the best comfort food.

From our all-day breakfast to our famous burgers to our delicious desserts, your cravings can always be fulfilled by visiting a Salisbury House Restaurant.

Now that you know our favourites, let us know yours! Next time you’re at Sals, snap a picture of your meal and tag us on Instagram! We love sharing your posts and hearing about your experiences.

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